Pioneer introduces WebLink in 2019 model radios, getting rid of the previous AppRadio Mode+ App.

I personally am happy about this because...

The most notable benefit you will receive from this is that you will now have YouTube integration on your Pioneer head unit.

Abalta’s WEBLINK Helps Pioneer Turn AppRadio One™ Into a Plug-and-Play Experience

By utilizing WEBLINK®, Pioneer car electronics customers can connect their smartphone via USB for easier set up and eliminate the need to purchase additional cables.

WEBLINK® is an Abalta Technologies connected car solution that creates a second virtual screen for apps on a smartphone that is then sent over to a vehicle’s screen via USB, Bluetooth or Wifi. Customers also benefit from the flexibility that WEBLINK® provides to use both Android and iOS devices without requiring any additional set up. Not only is this a flexible solution that works with all smartphones but it also works with low-cost aftermarket and factory-installed vehicle infotainment systems.

The combination of Pioneer products and WEBLINK® provides a real win for customers. With WEBLINK® we eliminate the need for specialized cabling between the in-dash unit and the phone and simplify product set up for the user. We are pleased to be able to partner with Abalta to bring this complementary technology to our customers.

By using Abalta’s WEBLINK, AppRadio One gives users control over smartphone applications through a direct USB cable connection to the DVD receiver. Users simply use the same cable that comes with their smartphone to connect to the headunit (or any compatible USB-to-phone cable, such as the Pioneer CD-MU200 (Micro-USB for Android devices) or CD-IU52 (Lightning® to USB for iPhone®) cables). Now connected vehicle owners have access to Pioneer’s AppRadioLIVE app, which aggregates content from popular music, events, traffic, weather and news sources through an interactive user interface. AppRadioLIVE delivers fresh content from many popular apps without the need to search and open them individually.

An Elegant Solution that Opens New Markets

By partnering with Abalta, Pioneer has been able to extend the market reach for its AppRadio One compatible DVD receivers, and make the platform a much more attractive solution. Abalta’s WEBLINK platform enables universal compatibility for Apple and Android handsets. With thanks to WEBLINK, Pioneer’s AppRadio One will continue to provide smartphone support to the coming generation of connected cars.

If you're shopping for a new receiver in 2019, keep a lookout for this icon to see which models have WebLink!