If you prefer to receive Customer Service by email, then creating a support ticket is the option for you.

A support ticket is like an email, but in addition to sending us a message, you have the opportunity to choose from scenarios that best describe your problem and submit that with your message.

You can submit a ticket on our Support Portal here, or on our website here.
- but both go to the same place.

The Portal allows you to easily monitor the progress of current and previous tickets and even respond to agents through a public support interface.
Click here to check your ticket status

The support ticket form.

First, navigate the dropdown bar labeled "Fill the form that best represents your problem" to choose the an option that best rekates to your current issue. This helps our agents help you to the best of their ability, as well as point you toward relevant Solutions articles.

Enter the email address you used to place your order in the field labeled, Requester

In the Subject line, type a 5-10 word summary of what you need help with.

In the Description, type out your problem in detail - preferably with generous use of the Enter/Return button to separate your ideas. A huge blob of words is difficult to read.

... and that's it! 

Please allow 24-48 hours for general email support inquiries and less than 24 hours for time-sensitive/urgent requests. 

Thank you.

- the Email Support team 

at S O N I C  E L E C T R O N I X

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