To help inform and support our customers, we have put together a self-support portal that will deliver solutions immediately to those who need assistance.

Automated Responses 

In an effort to scale our customer support effort, we have written in conditional rules that activate based on the words you type in your messages to us. When a rule is triggered, a pre-defined response containing tailored support solutions is sent to you instantly. This serves as a first line of support that often solves the problems of many submitters. 

Of course, this isn't always perfect, so if an automated solution does not work for you, just reply to the email saying it didn't solve your problem and an agent will be with you as soon as possible.

E L E C T R O N Our all-new Customer Support Bot

On September 1, 2018, we launched a new support chat-bot that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning technologies to deliver customized support solutions via Email or Live Chat to those who submit support tickets via our Contact Us page. 

What differentiates Electron from those automated emails, is that he is good for more than 1 response; and by using short, to-the-point language in your conversation, Electron will give you increasingly-specific solutions.

For the time being, this is not a perfect solution, but the more time that passes and the more conversations conducted with the Support Bot make it smarter and thereby, able to solve more challenging and complex solutions.

Want to chat with Electron? Follow this link:

This will lead you to our Knowledge Base, a collection of up-to-date articles created to help you with your problems related to a product, an order, or service.

You can ask  E l e c t r o n  for help by clicking the logo below. 

found in the bottom right corner
of any solution page.

Electron can speak any language. 

See how to set your language here.

We hope this can solve some of your problems!

Thank you for shopping with us!
S O N I C  E L E C T R O N I X  

 E L E C T R O N  for  S o n i c  E l e c t r o n i x