1 Try our Self-Service Portal 

by Freshdesk (you're using it right now, actually).

We have spent a considerable amount of time getting this portal ready, give it a shot.

You can find answers in here by just typing 1-5 words relating to your problem in the Search bar.

If you don't have any luck, continue on to the next two options and we'll take care of you. All we ask, is for your patience.

2  Reach out to Phone Support

We strive to answer as many calls as possible every day, but we have realized... it is just way too easy to talk car audio with our customers - and vice-versa.

So, if we have to cut it a little short, just know another person like you is waiting. 

Click the link below...

Customer Support by Phone

3  Reach Customer Support by Email

Click the link below...

Customer Support by Email Support Ticket

A Quick Note

Our Support Team is getting bigger, but we're not quite at the point where we can handle all the calls and emails we get in a day. 
Not every e-commerce company is Amazon.