Can't find the answers you were looking for in our Self-Service Solutions?

Don't like to talk on the phone? - better yet wait for an available agent?

Me neither.

So, it only makes sense to send an email.

I'm Eric, and I handle email for Sonic Electronix. My coworkers and I often debate which is better: Phone Support or Email Support?

Email wins for me, but we have solutions for everyone - however want to receive it.

I assembled this entire support portal from scratch to both make my job easier, and your search for answers quicker and more efficient than ever before.

-also see How to Create a Support Ticket

STEP 1: Go to this link:
and click the button labeled, "Create a Support Ticket"

STEP 2: Notice here that you have two options:  and * I strongly suggest you choose Search Articles before anything.

STEP 3: Below, is our Support Portal and you just simply fill in at minimum the required fields. (read below image for best email practices)



  • The more fields you fill out, the quicker / better response you will receive.

        -> However, for the Subject and Descriptionwhere you type out your email- Less is more. Seriously. 

  • You must include: 
    Your Email Address (Requester) - preferably the email address you used to place the order!
    Reason for Email 
    - brief reason why you're emailing in
    The 8-digit Order ID 
    you were sent after you ordered
    Your Cause 
    - a dropdown menu with reason why people usually email in
    Your Phone Number

SUBJECT | The best Subject line is less than 10 words, explaining the idea of the ticket. Examples: Where is my order? | 

DESCRIPTION | Why less is more.

Agents see 100+ emails a day and one huge blob of words makes it harder to find out what your problem is. Explain your problem of course, but try using spacing to separate ideas, similar to how these articles are written.


If you choose to email in to us, following this template to any extent makes it much easier for our email sales team to get you what you need - the very next message.



Requester: [your email]

Subject: I want to buy [the product you want to buy]


I am interested in [product(s)] , but first, I need to know [pricing, questions about product, etc.] .

I am looking for a [type of product] and I'm looking for suggestions.
I will be installing these products in my [vehicle]***

I'm looking to spend [$ amount]

I [have/haven't] purchased from Sonic Electronix before.

[Feel free to include whatever else you feel pertinent to the sale.]

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