Ecommerce is known for high-volume, fast-paced order fulfillment; and when a customer asks to modify an order after that order has already been through certain stages of Processing, many conditions apply.

Orders paid with PayPal or PayPal Express can not be modified in any way, and will have to be cancelled/refunded, then reordered correctly.

Why is this?

PayPal Payments

Cancel your Order

How long does it take for my refund to go through?

Orders that can be modified

Orders that show: 

  • Processing
  • Any status containing "Verification"

What can be modified?

  • Cancellation
  • Change Shipping Address 

*requires information verification 
**not applicable to eBay orders or any paid with PayPal 
***fees may apply

Orders That Can NOT Be Modified

If an order is marked as "Printed" it is being prepared for shipment or delivery and cannot be changed.
What is my order status?

If your order has shipped, we absolutely cannot modify it, especially the address in which it is shipping to.
- to deal with this, you may refuse the package for a $15 fee. 

- you may request for your order to be left in Will Call at your local FedEx location, for free.