Sonic Electronix processes orders as soon as you hit the order button. Depending on a variety of security checks, product availability, and other factors will determine which department needs to get in contact with you.

Order Statuses:

Status is...Definition
Processing If all items are in stock, then expect your order to ship within three business days. Please contact us if you have out of stock items or your order remains in “processing” on the second business day. You may call 661-670-2654 or email
Shipped Your order shipped from our facility. Tracking information was emailed to you. Also, that information is available by clicking the tracking number link within the “Manage Orders” section.
Information Verification Your order is being reviewed by our Verifications Team. For your security, we need to ensure delivery to the correct address and/or authorized person. One of our associates may contact you. For immediate assistance, please call our Verifications Team at 661-670-2654 or email
Credit Card Verification We need a Credit Card Authorization form before we can ship your order. If the document hasn’t been emailed to you already, please contact our Verifications Team. Forms can be emailed to
Product Verification Your order contains product(s) that require additional communication between us. Our Customer Commitment Team will contact you with more details. For immediate assistance, please call 661-670-2654 or email
International Verification International credit card payments require additional review before shipment. You do not need to contact us unless our Verifications Team notifies you directly.
Pending PaymentYour order was received without any payment. Please contact our Customer Commitment Team so we can collect the amount due for the purchase.
Cancelled Your order is canceled. Please allow five business days for the funds to appear onto your account depending on the financial institution.

If you want to know the status of your order right now click here or log in to your account to manage orders