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In the digital age of sales, 
sometimes you need that human touch to make an order.
- and we feel that.

Contact Sales by Phone: 502-200-8010
- speak to one of our sales representatives about an order
- use this when you are ready to order or a have a quick question about a product before buying

Contact Sales by Email: Click image to the left.
- speak to one of our email representatives about an order you are confused about
- use this for more complex questions that  

Wholesale & Sales special request: email sales@sonicelectronix.com

Need more Contact information? Click the image above!

If you choose to email in to us, following this template to any extent makes it much easier for our email sales team to get you what you need - the very next message.

Requester: [your email]

Subject: I want to buy [the product you want to buy]


I am interested in [product(s)] , but first, I need to know [pricing, questions about product, etc.] .

I am looking for a [type of product] and I'm looking for suggestions.
I will be installing these products in my [vehicle]***

I'm looking to spend [$ amount]

I [have/haven't] purchased from Sonic Electronix before.

[Feel free to include whatever else you feel pertinent to the sale.]

*** To ensure you get products that are compatible with your vehicle, or compatible with other products, be as detailed as possible when you reference products [model # or URL link] and Especially, when you include your vehicle information.

If you didn't provide enough vehicle information initially, you'll likely receive this message back.

Please fill out your car details as shown.
Sub-Model/Trim:    (example: SL, SLE, SLT, WT?)
Any other details:    (example: Crew Cab, Extended Cab Pickup, Standard Cab Pickup?)


Do you have Factory (base - stock) or a Premium sound system in your vehicle?    

    (Premium sound systems will often have logos on speakers. | i.e. Bose, Infinity)
Do you have OnStar? Steering Wheel Controls? if so to either, do you want to retain the functionality of those? 

    (Retaining these features often calls for Premium installation accessories, and will often cost more)

If you're unsure, check your car through our Vehicle Fitment Guide at https://www.sonicelectronix.com/afg