For this solution set, we will be discussing the (old) Alpine Type-R SWR & the (new) Alpine R-Series.

As a frame of reference, we are referencing the listings available on our website for the both 12" models

Alpine Type-R SWR (Previous Model)        |        Alpine R-W12D4 (Newest Model)


                                                                                                            For more information, click either picture to see Alpine's listings

Lately, we have been seeing many customers message in about how they ordered the Alpine Type-R SWR (Previous Model) and received the Alpine R-Series (Newest Model). The main issue customers are facing is the supposed difference in Power Rating between the two. We also receive complaints about the lack of transparency related to which subwoofer you receive, so we're making this solution set to clear the air.

The R-Series lists for $244.95 on our site. (at the time of this posting) 

Description: 2250W Max (750W RMS) 12" R-Series Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer

Alpine is proud to announce the introduction of the new R-Series Subwoofer lineup that is built off the highly esteemed Type R platform. With select key design and build improvements, the R-Series Subwoofer is able to output more of that deep bass extension and control that the Type-R is known for. - Alpine


The Type-R lists for $189.95 on our site. (at the time of this posting.)
Description: 3000W Peak (1000W RMS) 12" Type-R Series Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer

These redesigned fifth-generation Type-R subwoofers include an abundance of enhanced features to achieve staggering power handing capabilities, cleaner output, deeper bass extension and ultra-responsive control than ever before. - Alpine

The main thing we want to point out (below) is that you are not losing power with the new model, you are getting the same power - on an improved platform of better design.

By listing these this way, you are upgraded to a $244.95 subwoofer for $189.95.

We hear you, and are implementing a solution to make buying either of these subwoofers more transparent to you.

         S  o  n  i  c      E    l  e  c  t  r  o  n  i  x