If you recently purchased a new car stereo, you will need a Dashboard Kit, a Wiring Harness, and in some cases, an Antenna Adapter!             The 'but wait, there's more' of stereo shopping!

    Why do I need installation accessories?

Installation Dash Kit allows you to replace your factory car stereo without leaving holes and space around your new stereo. Some specialty install dash kits even match the factory dash color.

        - fills the gaping hole your inferior factory radio once occupied

Wiring Harness eliminates the need to cut your factory wires with a car stereo wiring harness. Vehicle specific harnesses $11.99 or less are available for free with the purchase of most stereos.

        - these wires connect to the wires that come with your radio

Antenna Adapter converts your factory proprietary antenna to a standard size. Category also includes extension cables and antenna adapters for adding FM modulated external sources such as a CD changer.

        - if you drive a GM, or other select vehicles, and you still want to be able to use your AM/FM radio - you'll need one of these.

        T    H    E          P    O    L    I    C    Y

Regularly, we'll send you a FREE dash mounting kit and wiring harness specifically made for your vehicle. However, this offer is good for standard kits/harnesses that we sell at $11.99 or less. Kits/harnesses priced higher than $11.99 each are available for purchase price less a $11.99 rebate.* With this offer, you will still save on the product AND the installation!

The FREE  accessories offer is not available for all vehicles.Read below for more details.

*Optional Accessories and Premium Kits and Harnesses (Additional Charge)

Kits, harnesses, connectors and adapters are available for most, but not all, vehicles. Some vehicles require premium, specialty, or additional accessories to complete installation, while other vehicles either have none available or they require no dash kit and/or harness to complete installation. Most vehicles with premium sound systems and/or other factory options require additional accessories, and we encourage you to contact us for a list of install accessories for your vehicle. As stated above, free kits and harnesses are not available for all makes and models.

In addition to dash kits and harnesses, select GM (General Motors) vehicles and some other vehicles require an AM/FM radio antenna adapter so you can convert your factory antenna size to standard aftermarket size. Following your order, if your vehicle requires a non-standard kit or harness, or an antenna adapter, contact us via email and we will help get you the necessary accessories for installation.

FREE Lifetime Technical Support

Sonic Electronix assists you through the entire lifetime of your product. We're here to help if you need assistance with the installation of your head unit now, or in another vehicle down the road! Please e-mail our support department and we'll give you the expert advice you need. We also have the contact information available for the kit manufacturers and the manufacturer of your product too!

For details on our Free Accessory policy, please visit:
Free Installation Accessories Terms and Conditions

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