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What is a Shipping Claim?

  • This process is used when order tracking shows an order was delivered, but the customer didn't receive it.
  • If you suspect your order wasn't delivered, or perhaps, stolen from your residence - you will need to fill out a shipping claim.

Before starting this process, we recommend that you consult one of these links, according to your courier:

                              FedEx: Orders Shipped with FedEx  |  USPS: Orders Shipped with USPS

                            These help weed out common shipment problems and could answer your question.

  P roblem not resolved? Let the claim, begin.

  1. Create a Return Authorization (RA) - if you don't already have one.
  2. Fill out Shipping Claim

1. Return Authorization

The way to conduct a return will vary by whether you bought the item on our site + affiliates, or on eBay.

          I Ordered on the Site - Return | I Ordered on eBay - Return

        If you already have an RA Number, continue on to next step!

 2.         S  h i p p i n g     l a i m

Now that you've created the RA, you have all the information you need to conduct the claim - follow the instructions to finish the claim!

Attached to this email is the blank Affidavit form. You can print the form to fill out, take a picture of it and email it back as a reply to this email or you can upload it to the link below and send that completed form back as a reply to this email as well, whichever is more convenient for you.


There you will "Choose File" to drop the PDF for the Affidavit Form in.

Following, it will prompt you for a signature, please e-sign that to the best of your ability.

You will want to click the "Add Text" prompt in the top left to fill in the lines requiring information on the Affidavit Form. You can re-size the text size by clicking "Size" in the top left to make the text Small to fit the fill-in lines on the form. You will fill in the text required for each line on the Form.

The RA # is: 

The Order # is: 

Tracking # is:

Following this, it will take you to the form page. In the top left, you will want to "Place Signature" and drag that signature down to the bottom of the form to the "Receiver's Signature" line.

After the form looks to be filled out appropriately you will then press the "Apply" prompt at the bottom right. This will take you to a separate page showing "Success! The signed document is ready for download." You will want to press the "Download file now" drop-down that is just below.

You will now just attach that downloaded and finished Affidavit Form to an email to send back to shipping.claims@sonicelectronix.com or the agent who referred you here.

We appreciate your patience with us, we know this is a lot of steps. It is the only way to help when a package disappears.

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